Computer Equipment & Office Electronics Based in Monticello, New York

Stop by Kristt Kelly Office Systems Corp. in Monticello, New York, when you are looking for the best selection of computer equipment, point-of-sale software, and other office electronics. Our collection includes the best brands and products in the market.

Computers & Microsoft Networks

Our office supply company has everything you and your operation needs, from fully loaded and networked computers to service, support, and repair. We sell many different types of computer systems, ranging from personal desktops to laptops, to sophisticated Microsoft commercial networking solutions. Available brands include:
• Apple®
• Brother™
• Epson™
• HP®
• OKIdata™
• Panasonic™
• Xerox™
• Canon™

• Dataproducts™
• Diablo™
• NEC™

• Texas Instruments™
• Toshiba™
• Verbatim™

Computer Products Include:

• Avery Laser & Inkjet Labels & Cartridges
• Computer Vacuum Cleaners & Disk Drive Cleaners

• Cables, Covers, Stands, Keyboards & Other Computer Accessories

Point-of-Sale Solutions

Our office supply company offers two types of CRS SAM4s point-of-sale system software; one is for restaurants, and the other is for general retail. The general retail software is customizable to most store models. When you request our POS services, you also receive our turnkey service, which includes assistance with choosing where to place the touch screen terminals, cash drawers, and printers. 

During the entire installation process, we help you understand how the software works, set up all the networks, and help integrate your credit card service with your system. After the installation, our staff is there when you need assistance with any hardware problems, software updates, or troubleshooting.

Reasons for Installing the Software:

• Offers Better Inventory Control
• Provides Accurate Accounting Reports & Integrations
• Eliminates Most Employee Cash Register & Billing Errors
• Controls Your Money Better & Eliminates Fraud

• Creates Better Interactions with Your Credit Card Company
• Looks More Professional to Clients & Customers
• Ensures Faster, More Accurate Service

Contact us in Monticello, New York, to request more information about the brands or products that are the best solution for you.